D'Addario EXP Coated XL Nickel Bass String Set Super Long Scale - 5-String 45-130 Light EXP170-5SL

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D'Addario EXP170-5SL EXP Coated Nickel Wound Electric Bass String Set 45-130
Part Number: DAD_EXP170-5SL
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D'Addario EXP Coated Nickel Plated Steel Round Wound Electric Bass Strings Extra Long Scale Set 

5-String 45-130 EXP170-5SL

  • .045 .065 .080 .100 .130

D'Addario Extra Long Scale strings have a winding of 38" from Ball End to Taper.  These strings fit most 35" scale instruments and some 34" and 36" scale instruments. Please ask us any questions regarding fitment!

D'Addario EXP Coated Nickel Round Wound Electric Bass Strings use an ultra-fine layer of EXP Coating that is bonded to the nickelplated steel outer wrap wire which is then wound onto the hex-shaped core wire. The result  of this EXP Coating by D'Addario is a built-in barrier against the corrosion and wear that can quickly sap the life out of your strings and your sound. D'Addario EXP coated nickel wound bass strings have a natural round wound feel and sound fresh and bright with a "new string tone" that lasts three to four times longer than traditional electric bass strings.

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