D'Addario Half-Round Bass String Set Long Scale - 4-String 40-095 Super Light ENR70

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D'Addario ENR70 Half Round Semi Flat Electric Bass String Set 40-95
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D'Addario Half Round Electric Bass Strings Long Scale Set - 4-String 40-95 ENR70

  • .040 .060 .075 .095

D'Addario Long Scale strings have a winding of 37.1" from Ball End to Taper.  These strings fit most 34" scale instruments and some 35" scale instruments. Please ask us any questions regarding fitment!

D'Addario Half Round electric bass strings are wound with pure nickel, then precision ground.  This process then leaves the outer surface smooth and "semi-flat," while retaining the flexibility of round wound strings. The D'Addario Half Round electric bass strings retain round wound brightness and sustain thanks to their exclusive "heat treating" process.

  • Pure Nickel Winding Half-Round
  • Precision ground to a semi-flat surface
  • Hex Core
  • D'Addario exclusive heat treating process
  • Made in the USA
  • Environmentally friendly corrosion resistant packaging. 

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