D'Addario Half Rounds Electric Guitar String Set 09-42 Super-Light EHR320

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D'Addario EHR320 Half Round Electric Guitar String Set 9-42
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D'Addario Half Rounds Electric Guitar String Set 9-42 Super Light EHR320

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D'Addario Half Rounds combine the flexibility of a round wound with the smoothness of a flat wound.  The "Half-Round" manufacturing process begins with a stainless steel round wound guitar string that is then precision ground leaving the outer surface of the string smooth and semi-flat.  The result are D'Addario Half Round Electric Guitar Strings that have a smoother feel but the tone and response of a round wound.

  • Stainless Steel Half Round
  • High Carbon Hex Core
  • Environmentally Friendly corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh

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