Dingwall NG 4-String Electric Bass w/ Gig Bag

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Dingwall NG Adam "Nolly" Getgood Signature Model 4-String Electric Bass NG2 or NG3
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The Dingwall NG Adam "Nolly" Getgood Signature basses are based on the Dingwall Combustion.  The Dingwall NG2 / Dingwall NG3 features an alder body, maple neck, maple fingerboard, a custom Darkglass Tone Capsule pre-amp, sweetspot pickup placement, carbon fiber print pickguard and sharp racing inspired finishes.  

Includes Dingwall Gig-Bag

Dingwall NG 4-String Specifications:

Body Core: Alder  
  • Alder is the traditional wood for the electric bass.  It can't be beat for a traditional warm tone with strong forward mids, controlled highs and warm but not muddy lows.  The average weight of an NG is in the low 8.75 pounds.

Finish: The satin and gloss NG finishes are polyester base topped with polyurethane color and top coats.  This industry standard finish is long-wearing and beautiful for years of life.

  • Metallic Black - Gloss
  • Ducati Pearl White - Matte
  • Laguna Seca Pearl BLue - Matte
  • Mopar Purple - Gloss
  • Aquamarine Metalflake - Gloss
Pickguard: Carbon fiber print - black

Neck Specifications: 

Dingwall takes neck construction very seriously due to their extensive experience in guitar repairs and understanding of extreme climates.  Dingwall experimented with many different lamination techniques and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the best.

Neck Carve: Medium thin C shape

Neck Reinforcement: Carbon fiber reinforcements and 2-way truss rod

Headstock: Flat with string retaining bar.  

Dingwall has combined the minimalist shape of the Afterburner headstock with the lightest import tuners they could find.  The result is an excellent balance and solid performance.

Fingerboard: Maple

Maple has a nice snappy top end that really enhances the attack of the note.  Dingwall now finishes the NG maple fingerboards with a satin polyurethane to maintain stability.  The entire neck is finished with the same finish.

Fingerboard radius: 240mm (9.45")

The NG bass features a single radius fingerboard.  This makes for a very comfortable playing experience.

Fret Material and Size: Dingwall uses 18% hard nickel silver fretwire.  

Lee Sklar turned Dingwall onto the benefits of small frets.  The advantages are a more woody, less metallic tone, smoother glissando and a faster feel.  Dingwalls standard size is "banjo" size.  This is the same size you would find on most guitars from the 50's and 60's.  Although its size is smaller than standard bass fretwire, its service life is about the same.

Position Markers and Inlays: 3mm plastic face dots, 2mm plastic side dots

Dingwall NG Electronics: 

Pickups: FD-3N pickups made to Dingwalls specifications

Featuring Neodymium magnets which offer high output and a smooth yet aggressive tone.

Standard electronics 2-Pickup: 
  • Master Volume
  • 4 Position Rotary Pickup Selector (1 Bridge, 2 Bridge/Neck in Parallel, 3 Bridge/Neck in Series, 4 Neck)
  • 3-Band Darkglass pre-amp w/ Active/Passive toggle switch
Standard electronics 3-Pickup: 
  • Master Volume
  • 4 Position Rotary Pickup Selector (1 Bridge, 2 Bridge/Middle in Parallel, 3 Middle, 4 Bridge/Middle Parallel in series w/ Neck)
  • 3-Band Darkglass pre-amp w/ Active/Passive toggle switch
Knobs: Smoked chrome knurled dome style w/ set screw

Jack: The jack is one of the most critical electronic components of a bass.  It is the most likely to suffer abuse so needs to be rugged in order to be reliable.  Dingwall wanted the Combustion to be as reliable as it is great sounding and looking so Dingwall installs an amazing socket style jack plate with a Switchcraft brand jack.  This is the most reliable system you will find in this price range.

Dingwall NG Hardware Specifications:

Hardware Color: Smoked Chrome

Tuners: Custom color HIPSHOT Ultralight Tuners

Bridge: Custom riser individual bridge / saddle system

Strap Buttons: Standard

Dingwall NG Scale Length and Dimensions:

Scale Lengths:
  • E-String = 36.25"
  • A-String = 35.50"
  • D-String = 34.75"
  • G-String = 34.00"
Bridge Spacing: 19mm

Nut Width: 42mm / 1.65"

Heel Width: 63mm / 2.50"

Neck Thickness @ 1st Fret: 21mm / .827"

Neck Thickness @ 12th Fret: 24mm / .945"

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