What are the best bass strings for beginners?

If you are learning the electric bass guitar you have come to the best place!  Bass Strings Online can help you find what you need to make your experience learning the bass more enjoyable.  

One of the first things a beginning bass player will experience is a cramping hand or the feeling that the bass strings are too hard to push down.  This in many cases is due to strings that are too high a tension for the beginning player. Even experienced players can feel this way!  The "Standard" strings found on many instruments from the factory are 45-100 or 45-105 gauges.  These can be too high of a tension for some players.  Bass Strings Online suggests using a lighter gauge string set, either 40-100 or 40-95.  These lighter gauges are more flexible and easier to press down with your fretting hand and more responsive to plucking.  Most all strings are available in lighter gauges.

Beginning players may also experience pain on fingertips or even blisters.  Unfortunately this is something every bass players deals with until calluses are formed.  However, you can equip your bass with strings that are softer on your fingertips and are not as painful for beginning players.  Most all instruments are equipped with "Round Wound" strings which can feel like sandpaper under your fingertips.  Using strings like Tape Wounds or Flat Wounds will feel smoother and softer under your fingertips and will make learning more enjoyable.  You will still form calluses and possibly get blisters, but they will take longer to form.  

In addition to the string variations mentioned above you will also want to make sure your bass has a proper setup.  The setup refers to the height of the strings, neck adjustment, and intonation settings.  A proper setup will also help make your learning experience that much more enjoyable.  

Feel free to ask us any questions.  Let us know your feelings and thoughts and we will help guide you to the best string for your particular situation.