D'Addario 3-Step Polish and Micro-Fiber Cloth Package Deal

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D'Addario 3-Step Polish Kit and Micro-Fiber Cloth
Part Number: 3-STEP-KIT

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This kit is great for Bass or Guitar!  Choose 1oz or 4oz polishes!

This package includes:

  • Step 1 - Deep Cleaning Cream Polish: Removes swirl marks and light scratches from clear coated instruments!
  • Step 2 - Liquid Carnauba Was: Natural protectant and sealer for clear coated instruments!
  • Step 3 - Spray Cleaner: Easy to use daily cleaner for all clear coated basses. Erases dust, fingerprints, and other things while bringing out the shine and color of your bass!
  • D'Addario Microfiber Polish Cloth: A new cloth to apply the polishes. Washable and Reusable! 

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