D'Addario PW-BG-15BG 15 Foot Gray Braided Instrument Cable

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D'Addario PW-BG-15BG 15 Foot Gray Braided Instrument Cable
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Utilizing the latest in cable manufacturing technology, D’Addario’s PW-BG-15BG 15 foot gray braided instrument cable features a coaxial oxygen-free copper conductor with two layers of impenetrable noise-rejecting shielding formulated for low capacitance. The lower cable capacitance allows your instrument’s brilliance, presence and character to be transmitted with the utmost transparency. Additionally, the nylon braiding protects the cable against abrasions, cuts and kinking. Nothing should come between your instrument and amplifier—that includes your cable. 

D'Addario's PW-BG-15BG 15 foot gray braided instrument cable utilizes ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. Two layers of shielding provide 100% coverage for superior insulation and noise rejection, making this the ultimate, high-performance cable.

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