D'Addario Small Instrument Humidifier PW-SIH-01

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Maintain your instruments humidity level with the D'Addario Small Instrument Humidifier.  Maintaining the proper humidity level is essential to preserving the playability, sound, and integrity of your instrument.  The D'Addario Small Instrument Humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside of your instrument case to maintain the proper humidity level which helps prevent cracks, warping, and shrinkage of your instrument.  Using the D'Addario Small instrument humidifier is as easy as moistening the sponge when it is dry.  This small instrument humidifier can also be used in conjunction with the traditional D'Addario Guitar Soundhole humidifier (GH) for acoustic guitars when your humidity is consistently 20% or lower.  Get one for all of your valuable instruments!  

Use with Violin, Viola, Ukulele, Clarinet, Oboe, and other smaller acoustic, bowed, and woodwind instruments. 

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