D'Addario Universal Guitar Strap Lock System - Gold Buttons PW-SLS-03

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D'Addario Universal Guitar Strap Lock System - Gold Buttons PW-SLS-02
Part Number: DAD_PW-SLS-03
D'Addario Universal Strap Lock System - Black Chrome w/ Gold Buttons

D'Addario Universal Strap Locks are designed by Ned Steinberger to give you the certainty and piece of mind that your instrument and strap are firmly locked in place.  D'Addario Strap Locks for Guitar or Bass have a hassle-free installation process and are made to quickly and easily connect and remove your strap.  Move around the stage with confidence!  

The locks are Black Chrome

To install, simply remove your guitars strap buttons and replace with the included buttons.  Align the strap backing plate to your straps hole.  Then screw the locking cap to the backing with your fingers. You are then installed and ready to go!  To remove the strap from your guitar simply pull up on the tab and remove the locking mechanism from your strap button. 

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