Ernie Ball Flatwound Electric Bass Single String - Long Scale .085

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Ernie Ball P01785 Flatwound Bass Single .085
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Ernie Ball Flatwound Electric Bass Single String .085 - P01785

37.25" Winding Length Ball End to Taper - Fits most all 34" Long Scale Basses and some 35" Scale

Ernie Ball Flatwound Electric Bass Strings are made with a stainless steel flat ribbon wire over a nickel plated steel wrap over a hex shaped tin plated steel core wire.  Ernie Ball Flatwounds are smooth and have a thick mellow tone.

Even though these flatwounds are labeled for Electric Bass, they can also be used on some Acoustic Bass Guitar instruments. 

Please note: Ernie Ball products are only available for shipping within the United States and US territories. 

California Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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