Ernie Ball Paradigm 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar String Set - 10-50 Extra-Light 2090

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Ernie Ball P02090 Paradigm 80/20 Acoustic Guitar String Set 10-50
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Ernie Ball Paradigm 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar String Set - 10-52 Extra-Light 2090

Gauges: .010p .014p .020w .028w .040w .050w

Ernie Ball Paradigm Acoustic Guitar Strings are the strongest long lasting strings out there while retaining the Ernie BallEarthwood tone and feel you love.  The Ernie Ball Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Paradigm strings use an industry leading ultra high strength steel as the plain steel and wound strings core material.  The wound strings feature Ernie Balls Everlast nanotreatment with a breakthrough plasma enhanced wrap wire which provides added corrosion resistance and reduced accumulation of string gunk buildup and debris that kills your tone.  Experience the first set of longer lasting strings that do not compromise pliability or tone. 

Please note: Ernie Ball products are only available for shipping within the United States and US territories. 

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