Bass and accessories pictured NOT included!
Bass and accessories pictured NOT included!

Gator TSA Bass Guitar Case - GTSA-GTRBASS

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Gator TSA Bass Guitar Case - GTSA-GTRBASS
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The Gator TSA Bass Guitar Case is an ATA Molded Polyethylene Case for you to safely and securely transport your electric bass guitar! 

The Gator GTSA-GTRBASS case features:
  • Designed to fit Electric Bass Guitars
  • TSA Approved Locking Center Latch ideal for air travel
  • Thick Black Plush Interior
  • Ergo-grip Injection Molded Handle
  • Black Powder-Coated Hardware and Continuous Valance
  • ATA Molded Military Grade Polyethylene Outer-Shell
  • Universal Fit EPS Protective Foam Interior Nest
  • Extended Reach Protective Neck Cradle
  • Surface Mounted Impact Diversion Latch Housing and Red Release Trigger


  • Body Height 2.6"
  • Upper Bout 13.5"
  • Waist 13.5"
  • Lower Bout 13.5"
  • Pocket 14.3 x 4.9 x 2"
  • Overall Length 47.5"
  • Length 49.6"
  • Width 17.3"
  • Height 5.7"
  • Weight 14.03 pounds
The case fits the following instruments (May fit others too):

Dean: Edge 5
Dingwall: Combustion 4 / 5-String, NG 4 / 5-String.  Will fit 6-String if widen the neck cradle. 
ESP: Vintage-204 3TB, Vintage 214 3TB,
Fender: Most all 4 / 5-String Jazz Basses, Pecision Basses, Mustang Bass PJ, Jaguar Bass, Aerodyne, and more
Ibanez: SRX300, GSR200, SR900, SR500, SR405, SR705, BTB767, GSRM20 Mikro, BTB675, ATK Series, 
Jackson: Ellefson CBX, Bass V BLK
Schecter: Stiletto Custom-5
Squier: Precision Basses, Jazz Basses and others
Warwick: Corvette and Thumb basses
Yamaha: TRBX174

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